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Professional Malpractice

Safeguard Yourself Against Professional Malpractice

You are an expert in your field, and you are proud of your accomplishments. You diligently follow all your industry standards and rules.

All of that can be challenged when you get accused of professional malpractice. Whenever an expert is involved, allegations are possible. In a lot of situations, organizations can also be held liable. If you are accused, call the professional malpractice attorneys at Furukawa Castles LLP.

Charges Are Possible Whenever Professionals Are Involved

Whether you are an accountant, an attorney, a real estate agent or another professional, you could face malpractice allegations. Trustees often face charges when there are money and funding issues. Anytime a paid expert is involved, and someone gets injured or there are financial losses, there could be charges.

Architects and engineers are supposed to know if a site is prone to issues and if a structure’s foundation is sound. They are also supposed to know about potential structural problems and any environmental issues they should be aware of in the planning stage. Allegations come up for other reasons that are not professional malpractice.

Our legal team knows California’s complex business laws. We know how to approach these laws and how to deal with accusations that you did not do what you were required to do or you failed to act appropriately in your professional role.

Malpractice Charges Could Destroy Your Professional Reputation

You are likely to not only have to defend yourself in court, but also to your licensing board and regulatory agencies. Legal advocates can protect you.

Typical claims of professional malpractice are related to:

  • Bodily harm
  • Property damage
  • Economic loss

Allegations often focus on claims of negligence in planning; intentional torts; contract violations; context of a construction project; conceptual problems with the design documents that were not considered; physical conditions of the building site; and contract issues.

Protect Yourself Against With Proven Legal Counsel

We will use our extensive resources to help protect your professional reputation and legacy. Burlingame’s experienced professional malpractice legal team is prepared to help you. Call us at 415-510-2823 or email us.

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