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Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning And Probate Let You Control of Your Assets

Your assets matter and you want some control over them, even after death. If you plan now, you can protect your loved ones from problems after you are gone.

Estate planning and probate law can protect your assets. They give you a bit of control on how your property, retirement funds and financial assets are distributed after death. You can also set up a living will (detailing your medical wishes when you cannot tell them the doctor); and power-of-attorney (designating someone to make decisions when you cannot).  Call our experienced estate planning and probate attorneys at Furukawa Castles LLP.

What Are The Differences Between Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts And Wills?

Estate planning

  • If you have significant assets, you probably will want to go beyond a will. Estate planning can ensure your assets go to the people you choose. It can minimize tax consequences and give you protection if you are disabled.
  • Benefits include protecting minor children; tax protections; and prevent family arguments;


  • The legal process that administers the estate of someone who has died. It works to resolve all claims to assets and ensures that the details of the will, including distribution of assets, are followed. Probate court determines the will’s validity and approves the will. It also ensures debts are paid before asset distribution.


  • They transfer assets to someone who holds and controls them while the person is alive or after their death. They can manage and distribute money; protect assets from creditors; and dictate inheritance terms. It can also control taxes, protect assets from divorces and lawsuits; and provide for disabled family members and minor children.


  • This is the legal document that provides directives for your assets after your death. If you die without a will, your property will be distributed according to California’s intestate succession laws. It gets complicated, especially if you are not married and you have no children. A will is your best way to have some say over who gets your assets after your death.

Help Navigating Through Probate And Estate Administration Issues

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