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International Architecture & Engineering Firms

Protecting Your International Architectural And Engineering Interests

In our world, architects, engineers and building designers face challenges and problems that are unique to their industry. They can change depending on where your buildings are being built. It is important to prepare for legal issues that can be worse with our the challenges presented by our earthquakes, flooding and mud. Managing California’s building codes and standards can be difficult.

If your international architectural or engineering firm is doing business here, it can be difficult to manage legal disputes that are happening a world away from your offices. Our international architecture and engineer attorneys at Furukawa Castles LLP can work with you to protect your business interests.

Your company could easily face legal issues that could negatively impact your company’s image. Those issues could destroy your reputation, future opportunities and your business.

Defending Your Interests Against Charges A World Away

Our legal team is prepared to help protect your company with architectural, engineering, plumbing, mechanical and electrical difficulties. We can defend and support you in complicated construction litigation and arbitration issues.

We can help you with:

  • Bond claims
  • Challenges to intellectual property
  • Construction and design flaws defense
  • Contract disputes
  • Drafting contracts
  • Financing issues
  • Investment groups
  • State licensing.
  • Mechanical liens
  • Professional liability
  • Professional malpractice claims
  • Real estate development issues

Prepared To Protect Your Business Interests

We are ready to protect your company in legal issues. If you have had issues related to design flaws, construction defects and mechanical failure, we are prepared to protect your interests. If your company is facing legal issues related to architecture, electrical, engineering, mechanical or plumbing Issues.

Professional Liability Lawyers Defend You throughout The Litigation Process

We can help you manage issues before they become major problems. Our legal team is also prepared to defend your interests in negotiation and litigation in California. Email our Burlingame offices or call us at 415-510-2823.

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