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Design Professional Malpractice

Defending You Against Design Professional Malpractice Charges

As a designer of buildings, you have a professional responsibility to provide safe buildings. The problems create unique legal issues that could include negligence, misconduct and public safety. Poorly designed projects can lead to delay, potential financial damage to the owner and the lenders, and danger for workers and the public.

Our professional design professional malpractice attorneys at Furukawa Castles LLP can defend your business against professional malpractice charges. We understand California laws and what the standards are required to prove these charges.

Design Professional Malpractice Happens Many Ways

Design professionals, including architects and engineers, are frequently sued because someone accuses them of design deficiencies. These charges often happen after defects show up. Designers do not always have a direct contract with the developer and the problems are not always caused by the design.

There are allegations that often are leveled at design professionals.

They include:

  • Document errors: Including accusations that architectural and engineering plans, blue prints and other planning documents were not properly researched. There can be claims that there was a lack of vetting
  • Client’s plans were not followed
  • Compliance codes, statutes and regulations were not followed
  • Consultants were not hired
  • Fraud
  • Lack of supervision
  • Terms and conditions of the application engagement agreement were not met
  • Unqualified workers on the project

Design professionals must meet building codes, zoning laws, and safety regulations. However, they also have a professional responsibility to meet deadlines and costs.

Excessive Damage Awards And The Loss Of Your Profession Require A Good Defense

Malpractice charges can destroy the careers of architects, engineers and anyone involved in designing buildings. For anyone facing allegations, it is important to hire accomplished design professional malpractice lawyers. If you are facing these charges in California, call our Burlingame offices at 415-510-2823 or email us to limit the potential damage this could have on your career.

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