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Design professionals need to protect confidential information

Design professionals need to obtain and store their clients’ information in order to do their jobs. Some of this information is public knowledge, but design professionals have many different types of confidential information that they need to have on file. However, like most aspects of society, design professionals are moving away from having physical paper files and it is now being store electronically and in cloud-based storage systems.

This can make the work much more efficient and easier to do, but it opens the information up to various types of cyber-attacks. These can come in many forms such as phishing, worm viruses and other types of attacks. Hackers are looking for bank account information from wire transactions, payable and receivable chains, EIN numbers and other information. Design professionals who are the victim of these attacks could open themselves up to liability for losing this confidential information and it is important to protect it.

How hackers attack design professionals

Engineering firms and construction companies need to take steps in not only investing in various encrypted software that makes it difficult to hack, but also educate their employees on the possible scams and ways that hackers work their way into the companies’ systems. Hackers send links to employees that when clicked on by the employee, it allows hackers access. Another way is that hackers will create email accounts that look like they come from people within the company and ask for confidential information, which will unbeknownst to the employee be sent directly to hackers.

Cyber-security is a very important aspect of doing business in California these days. Companies will not be going back to paper files only, so it is important to take all steps to prevent these attacks. Making policies for employees regarding the types of information that should be sent via email or warning against clicking on unknown links is as important as the encryptions. Sometimes it is impossible to stop the cyber-attack though. If it happens, consulting with experienced attorneys could be important.