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Is your website putting you at legal risk?

You’ve worked hard to build your business and your reputation. But regardless of how strong your standing in the marketplace may seem, it can be extraordinarily fragile. One design mishap can lead to extensive litigation, and a breached contract can be costly and damage your business reputation.

How your website could land you in legal hot water

Even information on your website can lead to legal action. This typically occurs when information on a website is deemed to be deceptive, meaning that it is misleading to consumers and affects how those consumers make decisions about whether to hire you. Under these circumstances, a court will likely assess the matter to determine if the harm caused to the consumer is substantial and outweighed by other benefits provided to it. Legal action here can be nearly as harmful as other kinds of litigation, which is why you should be proactive to try to avoid it.

Avoiding website errors

So how do you go about avoiding misleading or false information on your website? To start, make sure that you’re giving credit to those who are responsible for projects that are discussed on your website. You shouldn’t inflate your role in those projects, as that can be construed as being deceptive with the intent of securing business.

Also, be careful with the images that you choose to place on your website. If you use a picture of a building, for example, a prospective client might reasonably assume that you designed it. If you didn’t and the prospective client decides to hire you because of the erroneous belief that you designed that project, then legal action may be warranted.

Protect every facet of your business

As a design professional, you have a lot of legal risk. Although that may be stressful, there are steps that you can take to protect your interests throughout every aspect of your career. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to avoid litigation and a costly judgment, then you may want to consider sitting down with a law firm like ours to discuss the matter further.