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Environmentally friendly projects expected to soar in 2022

In California, across the United States and all over the globe, design professionals are constantly trying to innovate while serving the public’s needs and desires. Trends come and go, but the fundamentals that are put in place will need to be followed for the long-term. Energy conservation, sustainable sources, addressing climate change and other factors have led to the rise of natural resources being relied upon to provide energy. That means wind and solar. Those in the design industry should be cognizant of this in every context, especially when it is related to their business.

In 2022, sustainable energy is expected to grow substantially

The rise of sustainable power is being supported by the recently passed infrastructure bill which contains provisions for these energy sources. In the bill, $555 billion is connected to addressing climate change. As a new year approaches, those involved in design should keep track of the direction of the public and private sector and the expectation that 2022 will see a dramatic uptick in solar and wind use. S&P Global Market Intelligence says that the forecast for solar expected to be used will nearly double compared to 2021. With wind, it will go beyond the record set in 2020.

There are several reasons this is believed to be the case. Renewable energy requirements are expanding, tax credits provide added benefit and corporations are increasingly jumping on the sustainable energy bandwagon. Wind and solar need energy storage, so that facet is also on the rise. With politicians increasingly calling for a reduction in carbon emissions and the current presidential administration expressing a goal of carbon-free power in 14 years and net-zero admissions in the next 30, wind and solar are becoming more important.

What this means for design professionals

Design professionals who specialize in planning, designing and building sustainable energy structures can benefit greatly from the advancement of these projects. Still, it is imperative to be aware of the contractual needs, legal protections, how to be fully prepared if there are disputes and in formulating a comprehensive plan to achieve the goal. Being cutting edge is a positive. So too is it useful to create plans and present ideas to those seeking to move toward solar and wind as energy sources. However, disputes can arise and it is vital to have a legal shield to avoid any extended problems. Having assistance is imperative, especially with a relatively new and high-profile project.