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What are examples of construction defects?

Construction defects can potentially impair the value and use of property which is why it is important to be familiar with the different types of construction defects. It is also helpful for design professionals, contractors and others to know how they can protect themselves against construction defects claims which may be in the form of an alleged breach of contract or accusations or professional negligence.

Types of construction defects

There are several categories of construction defects including:

  • Design deficiencies – design deficiencies can include failures of architects or engineers in the design of the building or structure. An example can be a poor roof design that leads to water penetration and water damage.
  • Material deficiencies – material deficiencies can be caused by defective or damaged building materials. This can include defective window frames that may allow water intrusion that can potentially cause water damage.
  • Construction deficiencies – construction deficiencies can be caused by poor workmanship. If the building or structure is improperly plumbed, for instance, it can lead to leakage which can cause water damage.

There are many different specific types of construction defects including subsurface issues, structural issues, use of substandard materials, water intrusion, mold, electrical and mechanical defects and other types of defects as well. Poor quality workmanship can lead to construction defects. Design professionals, contractors and engineers may face allegations of construction defects which they may need to respond to and protect themselves from. For that reason, they should be familiar with construction defects litigation and how to protect their interests during the process.