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Legal help with construction defects

Construction defects can be problematic for any home or structure. When a structure does not meet the reasonable expectations for the use of that structure due to construction defects, it is important to be familiar with legal remedies to help address those concerns. Property owners suffering with construction defects can suffering monetary damages and other types of damages as well, in addition to the damage to their property.

Common types of construction defects property owners and homeowners may face can include the following.

Design deficiencies

Design deficiencies can include architectural or engineering failures in the design or building of the structure. A flawed roof design that results in water penetration, poor drainage or inadequate structural support is one example.

Materials deficiencies

Materials deficiencies can include defective or damaged building materials used in the construction process. Bent window frames that do not allow for proper installation, and lead to water intrusion, are one example.

Construction deficiencies

Construction deficiencies can result from poor quality workmanship. Poor workmanship can result in a variety of defects and damages. One example is poor plumbing work that may lead to leaks, mold growth and damage to electrical wires and walls.

Construction defects can occur related to the product itself and the materials used, how the building was designed and how the components of the structure were built or installed and in other ways as well. Construction law provides important protections for owners of structures who are experiencing damages to their property, and suffering diminished value of the property, because of construction defects that property owners should be aware of and familiar with.