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Common types of architect and engineer malpractice

All professionals are held to a high standard. They are expected to be able to perform their job duties that are safe an in line with the expectations of the profession. That might sound easy enough, but the truth of the matter is that professionals face malpractice claims all the time. While most people think of doctors being subjected to medical malpractice claims, the malpractice allegations can also reach architects and engineers.

Common causes of malpractice claims

Malpractice in the design and construction field can arise in a variety of ways. Errors in blueprints or engineering plans, for example, may lead to faulty construction and a subsequent professional malpractice claim, especially when those errors are attributable to inadequate research. The same holds true for improper assignment and supervision of personnel. Failing to adequately check applicable laws, rules, regulations, and codes can also lead to a lack of compliance with the blame then being shifted to the architect or engineer. These are just a few of the many ways that these professionals can be accused of malpractice.

Defending against malpractice claims

In short, a successful malpractice claim has to show that a duty was owed and that the duty was breached, resulting in some sort of harm. Architects and engineers may owe a duty to their client during every stage of the design and construction phases, and their work is highly specialized. But understanding how the law applies to these professionals is key.

Designing and constructing buildings is a massive and complicated endeavor. Oftentimes those who bring malpractice claims fail to appreciate the intricacies of this line of work. That’s why those who are facing malpractice claims may want to make sure that they have a legal advocate on their side who is capable of understanding, explaining and litigating these types of cases. At our firm, we have proven our dedication to this field and this area of the law, which means that we know what to look for in these cases and how to aggressively advocate for our clients. So, if you’ve been accused of professional malpractice, then now may be the time to seek the counsel you need and deserve.