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Construction defects alleged in CEO’s legal filing

In California and across the nation, people who spend significant sums to have the home of their dreams built will have certain expectations as to how it will turn out. Design professionals, manufacturers, construction companies and contractors should be cognizant of the litany of issues that can arise as a project is in progress and completed. Although those who are working on the project will adhere to the blueprint and use the materials they are asked to, there can still be disputes once the project is completed. If it escalates to litigation, it is imperative to have a strong defense with help from an experienced legal professional.

CEO complains about windows and doors in $16 million home

A North Carolina businessman is unhappy with his costly home amid claims the windows and doors they had constructed are not sufficient. They have filed a lawsuit against the builder and the architect for mistakes they say were made. The property is a massive undertaking with a basketball court and custom-made doors and windows made of steel and glass.

The makers of the windows and doors have been accused of breaching their contract with the owner. Those doors and windows cost $1.2 million. The family moved into the property in 2015. However, they say deterioration began immediately. By 2017, faulty seals were alleged on the windows as they started to fog up. The owner stated that he paid for maintenance and repairs, but the issues have grown progressively worse.

Companies should have a strong defense against allegations of wrongdoing and errors

Being accused of missteps with design and construction can cause many problems for companies who make their living in that business. Not only does it run the risk of costing a significant amount of money, but it can diminish the reputation in the community and spark exponential challenges in maintaining and growing a business. When the complaints are being made or if proposed remedies are ineffective or refused by the customer, it is wise to have a strong legal firm to help negotiate a way to settle the case or to move forward with a defense in the lawsuit. Calling for representation from the start is essential for construction defect litigation.